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Female Artists

Sara Alexander, RP, Female, Voiceover, Headshot

Sara Alexander

Teens-20s. Light tone, witty but assured.  Good character voices, perfect US and fluent Italian. Home Studio.

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Adjoa Andoh, New, Female, RP, Voiceover, Headshot

Adjoa Andoh

20s-50s. Mid-tone. Witty & versatile – everything from RP to African and beyond.

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Amy Anzell US voiceover headshot

Amy Anzel

20s-40s. US. Mid-tone. Smart, sassy, witty American.

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Ffion Aynsley Female Welsh Voiceover Headshot

Ffion Aynsley

20s-40s. A rich and velvety Welsh voice. Fluent Welsh and Spanish speaker. Home Studio.

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Nerissa Bradley Female US Voiceover Headshot

Nerissa Bradley

20s – 30s. US. Warm, relatable and bright with a touch of the dramatic. Home Studio.

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Francine Brody voiceover headshot

Francine Brody

30s-50s US. Excellent American corporate reader. Warm, clear with good RP too.

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Anna Burnett Headshot Female Voiceover Artist

Anna Burnett

Teens – 30s. Clear, youthful, and warm – with a touch of maturity. Home Studio.

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Nathalie Buscombe female headshot

Nathalie Buscombe

20s-30s. Mid-tone. Strong, direct with a glint of steel & humour. Great young corporate voice.

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Ruby Campbell

20s-30s. Mid-tone. Authentic, witty, and engaging. A voice that has both warmth and a directness. Home studio.

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Kimberley Capero Female Voiceover Headshot

Kimberley Capero

Teens-20s. Light tone. Young, smart, off-London/Essex.  Friendly and cheerful. Home Studio.

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Anushka Chakravarti Female Voiceover Headshot

Anushka Chakravarti

20s-30s. An amiable and versatile voice. Guaranteed to captivate any audience. RP and Brummie.

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Kat Cleave Female US Voiceover Headshot

Kat Cleave

20s-30s.  A glacial American voice that will appeal to younger and older audiences.

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Anna Cordell Female Voiceover Headshot

Anna Cordell

30s-40s. Clean, light corporate. Good accents. Home Studio.

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Peta Cornish. RP. Female. Voiceover. Headshot.

Peta Cornish

20s-30s. Lively RP. A perfect friendly, bright tone for narration and a smooth, assured corporate voice. Home Studio.

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Olivia Darnley Female Voiceover Headshot

Olivia Darnley

30s-40s. RP. A husky, charming voice with oodles of character. Home Studio.

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Nicole Davis voiceover headshot

Nicole Davis

Teens-20s. Young, sparkly voice with perfect RP or street sound. Home Studio. Home Studio.

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Alison Dowling voiceover headshot

Alison Dowling

20s-40s. Mid-tone. Lovely warm, soft velvety voice. Elizabeth Archer in The Archers. Home Studio.

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Annie Farr Northern Irish voice over headshot

Annie Farr

30s-50s. Northern Irish. Strong, assured and witty.

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Amy Finegan voiceover headshot

Amy Finegan

30s-40s US Mid-tone. Level, corporate, with perfect RP. Home studio.

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Megan Gage

20s-30s. US. A vibrant, memorable modern voice. Brings energy and character to every project. Home Studio.

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Candida Gubbins voiceover headshot

Candida Gubbins

20s-40s. Light-mid. Incredibly versatile – from kids cartoon voices to the defining corporate narrator. Home Studio.

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Kate Handford Female US Voiceover Headshot

Kate Handford

20s-30s. US. Young, fresh and assured. A cool, clean voice. Home Studio.

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Rachel Handshaw female voiceover Headshot

Rachel Handshaw

20s-40s. Cool and assured African American voice with a touch of authority.

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Lesley Harcourt Female Voiceover Headshot

Lesley Harcourt

20-40s. Hugely experienced Scots and Yorkshire voice with a great sense of fun.

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    Audiobook Scottish
Leda Hodgson, RP, Female, Voiceover, Headshot

Leda Hodgson

40s-50s. Mid-deep. Perfect, clear R.P. Very corporate.

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Emily Jackman, New, Female, RP, Southern, London, Voiceover, Headshot

Emily Jackman

Teens-20s. An experienced VO with an assured and appealing younger voice. RP and London. Home Studio.

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Georgine Jane Headshot Female Voiceover Headshot Artist

Georgina Jane

Teens-30s. Light and young voice. Pure, lively RP. Home Studio.

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Ginita Jimenez voice over headshot

Ginita Jimenez

20s-30s. Straight talking and assured. Perfect R.P. and Scouse. Also fluent Spanish. Home Studio.

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Ebony Jonelle Female RP US Voiceover Headshot Headshot

Ebony Jonelle

20s-30s. Mid-tone. A warm, relatable voice that is down to earth. Strong RP and US accent.

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Maia Journeau Female Voiceover Headshot

Maia Journeau

20s-30s. US. Mid-tone. A cool, confident voice with energy and charisma. Fluent French.

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Shaheen Khan voiceover headshot

Shaheen Khan

30s-40s.  Mid-tone.  Smart, intelligent and witty.

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Jennifer Kim Female Korean American Voiceover Headshot

Jennifer Kim

20s – 30s. US. A classic yet modern voice, smooth and reassuring. Fluent Korean.

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Rosalind Lailey Female Voiceover Headshot

Rosalind Lailey

20s-30s. Steely, strong and engaging. Appeals to all audiences. Good accents, ideal for audiobooks. Home Studio.

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Rebecca Lee female voiceover Headshot

Rebecca Lee

20s-30s. RP. Warm, husky, and witty. Sure to engage any audience. Home Studio.

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Kate Lock voiceover headshot

Kate Lock

30s-50s. Female. Irish. RP. Studio

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Emma Lowe voiceover headshot

Emma Lowe

30s-40s. Mid-deep Irish. Dublin and direct. A fantastic storyteller and strong corporate voice. Home Studio.

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Gail MacKinnon female Scottish voiceover Headshot

Gail MacKinnon

30s-40s. Scottish. A warm, direct voice with a hint of huskiness. Home Studio.

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Amy McAllister voiceover headshot

Amy McAllister

Teens-20s. Light-mid tone.  Native Irish.  Good RP and Yorkshire. Young, sparky and funny.

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Deborah McBride voiceover headshot

Deborah McBride

20s-40s US. Mid-tone. Warm, intelligent and witty.  Fluent French. Home Studio.

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Cathleen McCarron Voiceover Female Headshot

Cathleen McCarron

30s-40s. Scottish. Authentic and engaging Edinburgh accent. Voice of numerous best-selling audiobooks.

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Nicolette McKenzie voiceover headshot

Nicolette McKenzie

40s-60s. Mid-tone. Clear & articulate RP. Excellent for corporate. Native Kiwi.

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Debra Michaels voiceover headshot

Debra Michaels

30s-50s. Black British. London street to warm Caribbean to great R.P. Home Studio.

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Fiona Mollison voiceover headshot

Fiona Mollison

40s-60s. Deep-tone. Assured, confident R.P. Great corporate voice.

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India Mullen Female Irish Voiceover Headshot

India Mullen

20s-30s. A confident Irish voice with warmth and texture. Home Studio.

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Willow Nash Female Voiceover Headshot

Willow Nash

20s-40s. Mid-tone. Fresh with a strong directness.  Great accents. Home Studio.

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Amy Noble female voiceover Headshot

Amy Noble

20s-40s. A warm, bright style that makes an instant connection. An engaging younger corporate voice. Home studio.

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Heather O'Sullivan, New, Irish, Female, Voiceover, Headshot

Heather O’Sullivan

Teens-30s. Irish. A warm, youthful and engaging voice that can bring any project to life. Home studio.

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Dami Olukoya Female Voiceover Headshot

Dami Olukoya

20s-30s. Young but assured voice with warmth and a directness.  Good singer. Home studio.

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Kitty Parker Female Voiceover Headshot

Kitty Parker

20s-30s. Cool and smooth-spoken, with a mature depth. Perfect RP.

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Tamaryn Payne Female Voiceover Headshot

Tamaryn Payne

Teens-20s. Bright, assured, young and amusing. Home studio.

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Rebecca Perfect voiceover headshot

Rebecca Perfect

Teens-20s. Mid-tone. Young, smart & funky. Good for corporate or street. Home Studio.

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Rachel Petladwala, New, Female, Voiceover, RP, Headshot

Rachel Petladwala

20s-30s. London, and RP. Cool, confident and comic. Fluent Gujarati.

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Sara Poyzer voiceover headshot

Sara Poyzer

30s-40s. Mid-tone. Straight & clear northern with an edge. Good singer. Home Studio.

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Marina Pratt US Female Voiceover Headshot

Marina Pratt

20s-30s. US. Upbeat but very cool. A voice that will connect to any audience. Home Studio.

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Sarah Quist Headshot

Sarah Quist

20s-40s. Mid-tone to deep.  Smart, sassy voice. Wit, charm and power.  Professional singer. Home studio.

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Kate Rawson female voiceover Headshot

Kate Rawson

Teens-30s. Light tone. Young and fun with nice huskiness. Native Cornish. Good singer. Home Studio.

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Victoria Riley voiceover headshot

Victoria Riley

30s-40s. Mid-tone. Northern, clear and wry. Warm but firm. Home Studio.

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Jeanette Robinson female voiceover Headshot

Jeannette Robinson

30s-50s. Strong African American voice. Warm, in control, great for corporate work. Home Studio.

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Julie Rogers Headshot Female Voiceover Artist American

Julie Rogers

Teens-30s. US. Young, fresh and fun.  Clear voice with a good strength. Home Studio.

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Laura Rollins Female Voiceover Headshot

Laura Rollins

30s-40s. Birmingham and perfect RP.  Mid-tone. A confident, engaging and warm voice. Home Studio.

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Jennifer Saayeng voiceover headshot

Jennifer Saayeng

20s-30s. A rich, authoritative, and assured voice. Great for corporate or narration work. Home Studio.

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Georgina Sadler, New, US, Female, Voiceover, Headshot

Georgina Sadler

Teens-20s. Thoughtful and assured American. Moves from US to RP with ease. Perfect Welsh accent. Home Studio.

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Aasiya Shah Female Voiceover Headshot

Aasiya Shah

Teens – 30s. Clear, fun, and warm Londoner with great RP.

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Niamh Shepheard female voiceover Headshot

Niamh Shepheard

Teens-30s. A London voice with real heart and a sense of fun.

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Lucie Shorthouse Headshot Female Voiceover

Lucie Shorthouse

20s-30s. Midlands. Comic and comforting. Home Studio.

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Stephanie Siadetan Female Voiceover Headshot

Stephanie Siadatan

20s-30s. London/Brighton. Warm, relatable, versatile. A voice for all audiences.

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Shayde Sinclair Female Voiceover Headshot

Shayde Sinclair

Teens-20s. Young, fresh Londoner who makes an instant connection. Home Studio.

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Sarah Slimani Female Voiceover Headshot

Sarah Slimani

20s-30s. London. Cool and animated, great delivery.

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Ina Marie Smith, New, American, Voiceover, Female, headshot

Ina-Marie Smith

Teens-30s. US. Bright, sparkly American. Sassy with a good corporate directness. Home Studio.

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Chloë Sommer

20s-30s. Clear, confident, and charismatic. A young voice with depth and maturity.

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Nicola Stanton voiceover headshot

Nicola Stanton

Teens-20s. Very young & sweet voice with a slight huskiness.  Witty too.

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Liyah Summers Female Voiceover Headshot

Liyah Summers

20s-30s. A young, charming and bright voice. Ideal for corporate or commercial work. Home Studio.

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Georgia Taylforth Female Voiceover Headshot

Georgia Taylforth

20s-40s. Female. London. Down to earth and warm. Comedic to corporate. Home Studio

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Patience Tomlinson, Female, Voiceover, Headshot

Patience Tomlinson

40’s-60’s. Light-mid. Perfect RP. Native Norfolk. Highly experienced. Huge audiobook and radio CV. Home Studio.

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Emma Tracey Headshot Female Voiceover Artist

Emma Tracey

Teens – 20s. Young, bright Scots voice with oodles of character. Great RP too!

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Erin Walther Female US Voiceover Headshot

Erin Walther

20s-30s. US. Mid-tone. A young, bright voice with a softer accent. Good sense of humour. Studio

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Tara Ward voiceover headshot

Tara Ward

30s-50s. Assured US. Excellent documentary and corporate narrator. Good R.P. too!

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Clare Wille voiceover headshot

Clare Wille

30s-40s. Strong & firm, but warm too.  Perfect witty RP, native Manchester. Home Studio.

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Karise Yansen Female Voiceover Headshot

Karise Yansen

Teens-’20s. A young voice that can be perfectly clear or just a little bit husky. London and RP.

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Diana Yekinni Female Voiceover Headshot

Diana Yekinni

20s-30s. A versatile, vibrant, and assured voice. Moves from RP to African with ease. Home Studio.

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Bethan Rose Young, Welsh, New, Female, Voiceover, Headshot

Bethan Rose Young

Teens-20’s. Soft, sweet voice with confidence. A younger voice that appeals to all ages. Home Studio.

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