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US Voices

American Artists

Our portfolio of London-based US voices grows stronger by the day. Our artists bring American confidence and expertise to Triple-A computer games, national commercials, and corporate presentations for major companies. Listen now, and get in touch for more information.
Nezar Alderazi Male Voiceover US Headshot

Nezar Alderazi

20-30s. US. Young, friendly and warm. Speaks fluent Arabic. Home Studio

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Mark Arnold US voiceover headshot

Mark Arnold

30s-50s. US. Mid-tone. Natural, easy-going American with good authority. Home Studio

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Davis Brooks US voiceover headshot

Davis Brooks

20s-40s. US. Mid-tone. Young, fresh, warm American. Home Studio

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Matt Fletcher MacDonald Male Voiceover Artist American Headshot

Matt Fletcher-MacDonald

20s-40s. US. Mid-to-deep tone. Steady and firm American voice. Home Studio.

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Dexter Galang US voiceover headshot

Dexter Galang

20s-30s. US. Mid-tone. Young, warm, friendly American.

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Hunter Johns Male US Voiceover Headshot

Hunter Johns

20s-30s. US. Mid-tone. An honest, all-American voice with a versatile range. Home Studio.

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Vaughn Johseph, New, Male, American, Voiceover, Headshot

Vaughn Johseph

30s-40s. US. Confident, mid-to-deep African-American voice with a touch of gravitas. Home Studio

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Todd Kramer Male Actor American Voiceover Headshot

Todd Kramer

20s-40s. US. Versatile and experienced American voice. Mid-tone, cool, with a hint of attitude! Home Studio.

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Steve Dan Mills Headshot Male Voiceover American Artist

Steve Dan Mills

40s-60s. Classic American whiskey-warm voice. Perfect for trailers or narration. Home Studio.

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Elihu Ngbodi Male African-American Voiceover Headshot

Elihu Ngbodi

20s-40s. US. A deep sound with a light humour. A voice that forms an instant connection.

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Jay O'Connell Male Voiceover USHeadshot

Jay O’Connell

20s-30s. US. Younger mid-to-deep voice. Versatile, engaging, and good humoured. Excellent singer. Home Studio.

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Nathan Osgood Headshot US Male Voiceover

Nathan Osgood

30s-50s. US. A warm, husky American voice that’s perfect for trailers. Home Studio.

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Ian Porter Male US Voiceover Headshot

Ian Porter

30s-50s. US. Mid-tone. Dry, off-beat. Good corporate and character voices. Home Studio.

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Jay Reum

Jay Reum

Teens – 30s. US. A lively, expressive and friendly young American voice. Home Studio.

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Kevin Shen voiceover headshot

Kevin Shen

20s-40s. US. Mid-deep tone. Studio. Full, assured but friendly American. Studio.

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Adam Sims US voiceover headshot

Adam Sims

20s-40s. US. Fresh & husky mid-tone. Great age range, good comic timing & ear for accents.  Good RP. Home Studio.

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Robert G Slade Male US Voiceover Headshot

Robert G Slade

30s-50s US. Mid-tone. Direct, clear, warm and witty. Good RP and accents too.

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Nathan Adams Stark Male US Voiceover Headshot

Nathan Adams Stark

20s-30s. Male. US.

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Ryan Wilson Male US Voiceover Headshot

Ryan Wilson

20s-30s. US. Mid-tone. A confident, expressive, voice with a versatile range. Home Studio.

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Amy Anzell US voiceover headshot

Amy Anzel

20s-40s. US. Mid-tone. Smart, sassy, witty American.

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Nerissa Bradley Female US Voiceover Headshot

Nerissa Bradley

20s – 30s. US. Warm, relatable and bright with a touch of the dramatic. Home Studio.

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Francine Brody voiceover headshot

Francine Brody

30s-50s US. Excellent American corporate reader. Warm, clear with good RP too.

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Kat Cleave Female US Voiceover Headshot

Kat Cleave

20s-30s.  A glacial American voice that will appeal to younger and older audiences.

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Amy Finegan voiceover headshot

Amy Finegan

30s-40s US Mid-tone. Level, corporate, with perfect RP. Home studio.

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Megan Gage

20s-30s. US. A vibrant, memorable modern voice. Brings energy and character to every project. Home Studio.

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Kate Handford Female US Voiceover Headshot

Kate Handford

20s-30s. US. Young, fresh and assured. A cool, clean voice. Home Studio.

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Rachel Handshaw female voiceover Headshot

Rachel Handshaw

20s-40s. Cool and assured African American voice with a touch of authority.

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Ebony Jonelle Female RP US Voiceover Headshot Headshot

Ebony Jonelle

20s-30s. Mid-tone. A warm, relatable voice that is down to earth. Strong RP and US accent.

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Maia Journeau Female Voiceover Headshot

Maia Journeau

20s-30s. US. Mid-tone. A cool, confident voice with energy and charisma. Fluent French.

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Jennifer Kim Female Korean American Voiceover Headshot

Jennifer Kim

20s – 30s. US. A classic yet modern voice, smooth and reassuring. Fluent Korean.

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Laurel Lefkow Female Voiceover Headshot

Laurel Lefkow

30s-50s. US. A hugely experienced voice. Warm and assured. Home Studio.

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Deborah McBride voiceover headshot

Deborah McBride

20s-40s US. Mid-tone. Warm, intelligent and witty.  Fluent French. Home Studio.

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Marina Pratt US Female Voiceover Headshot

Marina Pratt

20s-30s. US. Upbeat but very cool. A voice that will connect to any audience. Home Studio.

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Jeanette Robinson female voiceover Headshot

Jeannette Robinson

30s-50s. Strong African American voice. Warm, in control, great for corporate work. Home Studio.

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Julie Rogers Headshot Female Voiceover Artist American

Julie Rogers

Teens-30s. US. Young, fresh and fun.  Clear voice with a good strength. Home Studio.

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Georgina Sadler, New, US, Female, Voiceover, Headshot

Georgina Sadler

Teens-20s. Thoughtful and assured American. Moves from US to RP with ease. Perfect Welsh accent.

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Ina Marie Smith, New, American, Voiceover, Female, headshot

Ina-Marie Smith

Teens-30s. US. Bright, sparkly American. Sassy with a good corporate directness. Home Studio.

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Erin Walther Female US Voiceover Headshot

Erin Maria Walther

20s-30s. US. Mid-tone. A young, bright voice with a softer accent. Good sense of humour. Studio

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Tara Ward voiceover headshot

Tara Ward

30s-50s. Assured US. Excellent documentary and corporate narrator. Good R.P. too!

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