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A US Voiceover Artist in London

They may have been Born in the USA, but these US voiceover artists found their London Calling… read about their experiences in our new blog! read more

The Story of the Audiobook Narrator

Our artists could write the book on being an audiobook narrator… so we’ve written the blog! Read our interview with Rachael Louise Miller and Amy Enticknap. read more

Scouse, Manc, and Yorkshire Accents – a Look at Northern Voices

Ey up… want to go beyond the stereotypes of Northern voices? We’re taking a closer look at the accents of Liverpool, Manchester, and Yorkshire! read more

Imitation and the Voice Over Artist – Inspiration, Impersonation and Perspiration!

Ever fancied a sneak-peek at the process of imitating another voice? We’ve interviewed our voice over artist Kobna Holdbrook-Smith for a fascinating insight! read more

Cars 3: Driven to Win Trailer Voice Over

With the release of Cars 3: Driven to Win on the horizon, we’ve put our pedal to the metal to show off our artists’ work on the German, Spanish and Italian trailers. read more