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The Pillars of the Earth: Game Voiceovers

Our artists have been hard at work on the game voiceovers for the Pillars of the Earth game. Find our more in our latest blog entry! read more

Squad Goals: Voice Work Ups and Downs

It’s the start of the football season and we’re hoping to help you score success and achieve your goals with our new blog entry on voice work ups and downs! read more

Voiceover Casting: More than Just a Voice

Voiceover casting can be a mysterious process... so our latest blog discusses the practical tips that should help your voice shine that little bit brighter! read more

A US Voiceover Artist in London

They may have been Born in the USA, but these US voiceover artists found their London Calling… read about their experiences in our new blog! read more

The Story of the Audiobook Narrator

Our artists could write the book on being an audiobook narrator… so we’ve written the blog! Read our interview with Rachael Louise Miller and Amy Enticknap. read more