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A Christmas Voiceover Message from our Artists

We have one last gift for you before the Christmas holidays begin - a Christmas voiceover message from our artists! read more

Greece is the word! Our Assassin’s Creed Voice Artists celebrate the game’s release.

read more

QUBE 2: Experienced Game Voice Over Tamaryn Payne Squares Away Another Big Game Role

Tamaryn Payne squared! After taking on yet another lead gaming role, Tamaryn returns to the blog to tell us about playing Amelia Cross in QUBE 2. read more

Our Scottish Voice Overs: Address to a Haggis

Whiskies all around and we celebrate Burns night with our Scottish voice overs, and Andrew Glen gives a reading of Address to a Haggis! read more

A Christmas Message from our Voice Squad Artists

As we get closer to wrapping up for Christmas, our Voice Squad artists have got a Christmas message for you! read more