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Brian Bovell male voiceover Headshot

Brian Bovell

30s-50s. Deep-tone. Hugely experienced actor. A warm voice with a chilled-out style!

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Guy Burgess Black British male voiceover Headshot

Guy Burgess

30s-50s. Male. Birmingham.

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Marlon Day Black British male voiceover headshot

Marlon Day

20s-40s. Male. Black British. Manchester. Carribean.

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Darryl Foster Male Voiceover Headshot

Darryl Foster

20s-40s. Male. Birmingham.

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Anyebe Godwin Black British Male Voiceover Headshot

Anyebe Godwin

20s-30s. Male. Studio. Black British.

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Kobna Holdbrook Smith voiceover headshot

Kobna Holdbrook-Smith

20s-40s. Strong, warm voice with an ability to move seamlessly from street to RP to African. Excellent US.

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Kevin Mathurin Male Voiceover Headshot

Kevin Mathurin

30s-50s. Deep-tone. Chill but powerful London voice with a reassuring warmth. Home Studio.

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Lucian Msamati voiceover headshot

Lucian Msamati

30s-50s. Deep tone. Warm, assured, with plenty of gravitas.

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Jude Owusu Twi male voiceover Headshot

Jude Owusu

20s-40s. Mid-tone. Warm, friendly, and assured.

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George Owusu-Afriyie Male London Voiceover Headshot

George Owusu-Afriyie

20-30s. Male. London.

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Joshua Riley

20s-30s. Mid-tone. Young, versatile Londoner with perfect RP and a smooth style. Home Studio.

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Howard Saddler Male Voiceover Headshot

Howard Saddler

30s-50s. Male. Black British. Home Studio.

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Theo Solomon, London, RP, New, Male, Voiceover, Headshot

Theo Solomon

20s-30s. A fresh young Black British voice with a smooth, warm sound. RP, London, Caribbean and other accents. Home Studio.

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Joel Trill voiceover headshot

Joel Trill

20s-40s. Mid-deep Black British. Street to R.P. to Caribbean.  Great for character work. Home Studio.

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Leo Wringer voiceover headshot

Leo Wringer

30s-50s. Mid-deep. Native Jamaica. Good R.P. and U.S. Great weight to voice. Home Studio.

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Adjoa Andoh, New, Female, RP, Voiceover, Headshot

Adjoa Andoh

20s-50s. Mid-tone. Witty & versatile – everything from RP to African and beyond.

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Nicole Davis voiceover headshot

Nicole Davis

Teens-20s. Young, sparkly voice with perfect RP or street sound. Home Studio. Home Studio.

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Maureen Hibbert Black British female voiceover headshot

Maureen Hibbert

30s-50s. Female. RP.

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Jessica Joslin, North West, Female, New, Voiceover, Headshot

Jessica Joslin

20s-30s. Female. North West. Manchester.

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Amina Koroma Female Voiceover Headshot

Amina Koroma

20s-30s. Female. London. RP. Studio.

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Tesni Kujore Headshot Female Actor Voiceover Welsh Nigerian

Tesni Kujore

20s-30s. Lively, passionate and clear. Moves from Welsh to RP with ease.

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Kate Laycy Female Manchester Voiceover Headshot

Kate Laycy

20s – 30s. Female. Manchester.

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Debra Michaels voiceover headshot

Debra Michaels

30s-50s. Black British. London street to warm Caribbean to great R.P. Home Studio.

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Anna Miles. Manchester. Female. Voiceover. Headshot. New.

Anna Miles

20’s – 30’s. Female. Manchester. R.P.

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Dami Olukoya Female Voiceover Headshot

Dami Olukoya

20s-30s. Young but assured voice with warmth and a directness.  Good singer. Home studio.

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Chantelle Pierre Headshot Female Voiceover Artist

Chantelle Pierre

20s-30s. Female. Yorkshire.

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Helena Pipe Female Voiceover Headshot

Helena Pipe

20s-30s. Female. Black British.

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Sarah Quist Headshot

Sarah Quist

20s-40s. Mid-tone to deep.  Smart, sassy voice. Wit, charm and power.  Professional singer. Home studio.

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Jennifer Saayeng voiceover headshot

Jennifer Saayeng

20s-30s. A rich, authoritative, and assured voice. Great for corporate or narration work. Home Studio.

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Shayde Sinclair Female Voiceover Headshot

Shayde Sinclair

Teens-20s. Young, fresh Londoner who makes an instant connection. Home Studio.

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Chloë Sommer

20s-30s. Clear, confident, and charismatic. A young voice with depth and maturity.

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Liyah Summers Female Voiceover Headshot

Liyah Summers

20s-30s. A young, charming and bright voice. Ideal for corporate or commercial work. Home Studio.

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Karise Yansen Female Voiceover Headshot

Karise Yansen

Teens-’20s. A young voice that can be perfectly clear or just a little bit husky. London and RP.

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Diana Yekinni Female Voiceover Headshot

Diana Yekinni

20s-30s. A versatile, vibrant, and assured voice. Moves from RP to African with ease. Home Studio.

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