60s Voices

Jeremy Clyde voiceover headshot

Jeremy Clyde

40s-60s. Plummy, aristocratic and dry. Touch of class!

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James Faulkner voiceover headshot

James Faulkner

40s-60s. Deep, authoritative, assured. The ultimate corporate voice. Game of Thrones Randyll Tarly!

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Steve Dan Mills male voiceover Headshot

Steve Dan Mills

40s-60s. Classic American whiskey-warm voice. Perfect for trailers or narration.

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Gunnar Pettersson Swedish voiceover headshot

Gunnar Pettersson

Swedish, Male, 40s-60s

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Carlos Riera Spanish male voiceover headshot

Carlos Riera

Spanish, Male, 40s-60s

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Terry Wilton voiceover headshot

Terence Wilton

40s-60s. Deep tone. Warm, rich voice with a good sense of humour and directness.

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Lulu Langtree Mandarin Female voiceover headshot

Lulu Langtree

Chinese-Mandarin, Female, 30s-60s

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Aletta Lohmeyer German voiceover headshot

Aletta Lohmeyer

German, Female, 40s-60s

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Nicolette McKenzie voiceover headshot

Nicolette McKenzie

40s-60s. Mid-tone. Clear & articulate RP. Excellent for corporate. Native Kiwi.

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Fiona Mollison voiceover headshot

Fiona Mollison

40s-60s. Deep-tone. Assured, confident R.P. Great corporate voice.

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Carolle Rousseau French voiceover headshot

Carolle Rousseau

French, Female, 40s-60s

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Patience Tomlinson voiceover headshot

Patience Tomlinson

40’s-60’s. Light-mid. Perfect RP. Highly experienced. Huge audiobook CV.

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