Squad Goals: Voice Work Ups and Downs

– a voice work fantasy football team

Summer is here and, for the football mad, that means only one thing: the start of the football season! Some industries, like football, hit their peak in the summer- but others can fall into a lull. Like any other industry, voice work has its ups and downs.

It can be a sickening feeling, opening a diary once teeming with voice work to find it as patchy as your lawn during the hosepipe ban. It’s natural to assume that the end is nigh.

What have you done wrong? Are you doomed to never work again? Has there suddenly been a craze for Glaswegian accents?

Well before you pack your bags and commit yourself to a life of Irn Bru, take a moment to relax. It’s very unlikely that you’ve been blacklisted or that a new voiceover craze has swept the nation. Most likely it’s an unfortunate combination of temporary factors completely outside of your control.

If there is a problem, your agent will let you know. Otherwise, when things are quiet they are almost certainly already hard at work on your behalf. Keep busy and keep positive. Before you know it, the voice work will be flooding in!

But what to do in the meantime?

Well, there’s always the football…

In fact we’ve had a little fun and created our own Squad. Our choices were made at random, rather than based on footballing prowess, but they still make a great team!

Centre Forward

Chris Nelson and Amy Enticknap

Left Midfield

Willow Nash

Centre Midfield

Ben Eagle

Right Midfield

Kobna Holdbrook-Smith

Left Back

Jennifer Saayeng

Right Back

James Faulkner

Centre Half

Tamaryn Payne and Dami Olukoya


Homer Todiwala

Goal keeper

David John

And what does every team need? A great name! We’re leaving that very important task up to you, so make sure to share your ideas in the comments...