The Squadcast: Series 2 Annoucement

All the way back in 2019, Voice Squad embraced the podcast form with The Squadcast. Our voiceover podcast was designed to introduce some of our artists and talk about voiceover from their perspective.

Now we are pleased to announce a second series of The Squadcast! This time we have moved to the other side of the microphone and interviewed some of the top names across the industry. Whether it’s ADR or audiodrama, we’ve asked them what they look for in a voice artist, and what skills voice artists need to have to impress them!

The first episode will drop tomorrow (14th October) and following episodes will be released weekly.

To give you a taste of what lies ahead, here are the names we’ll be interviewing over the next few weeks…

Our Guests

Episode 1 – Voice Reels – An Interview with Martin Fisher at Sonic Pond
What makes a good voice reel? Who better to ask than Martin, whose company has spent years creating and recording voice reels for up-and-coming voice artists?

Episode 2 – Audiodrama – An Interview with Ken Bentley at Big Finish
Love Sci-Fi? Then you’ve almost certainly heard of Big Finish, who make tie-in audiodramas for cult franchises like Doctor Who and Blake 7. Ken has spent many years producing audiodramas for Big Finish, and he talks to us about what he looks for in voices.

Episode 3 – ADR – An Interview with Phoebe Scholfield
Phoebe Scholfield is a legend within the word of ADR – background dubbing for film and television. Phoebe has worked on hundreds of TV shows and movies, working with artists to provide convincing background chatter and dialogue for crowd , scenes. We ask her for her perspective on ADR, and the skills artists need to bring to it.

Episode 4 – Dubbing – An Interview with David John
A familiar voice returns to the Squadcast! David John – our voice artist and series 1 interviewer – is back and on the other side of the mic, discussing his work as a dubbing director for international shows being aimed at UK and US Netflix audiences.

Episode 5 – ELT – An Interview with Robbie Stevens and James Richardson
ELT (English Language Teaching) is familiar and steady work to many voice artists, but often a closed door to those outside the industry. We are fortunate enough to speak to two of the biggest names in ELT - Robbie Stevens and James Richardson - and discuss the unique requirements for this type of work.

Episode 6 – Gaming – An Interview with Mark Estdale at Outsource Media UK
Mark Estdale runs Outsource Media UK, which casts and arranges voice sessions for the gaming industry. Find out the answer to the eternal question of ‘how do I get in to games work?’

Episode 2.1 of The Squadcast releases tomorrow, Friday the 14th October. It’s available on the Voice Squad site, Spotify, Apple, or your usual podcast provider. Make sure to listen and share with fellow artists!

To catch up on Series 1, featuring interviews with artists such as Adjoa Andoh, David Rintoul, and James Faulkner - listen here.