Rhyme Time Town: We Talk to the Animation Voices Behind Netflix’s New Hit

Official Image for Rhyme Time Town, featuring our animation voices

When it comes to voice acting, getting a role in an animated series by Dreamworks and Netflix is pretty high up on any artist’s wish-list. So we were thrilled when no less than three of our artists were offered roles in the new animated series, Rhyme Time Town! To celebrate, we’ve caught up with the animation voices involved in this exciting project.

Our Nicolette McKenzie joins the series as Mother Goose, Theo Solomon plays chameleon Lenny (among others), and children’s television legend Shaheen Khan plays Lady Ladle.

Check out the trailer and find out what they had to say about the show below…

Interview with the Animation Voices from Rhyme Time Town

What was your experience of working on Rhyme Time Town?

Theo Solomon: It wasn’t my first animation, but it was the most enjoyable so far! I got to do such a variety of characters. At the heart of it was storytelling, and as actors, that’s what we love to do – whether for kids or adults.

Nicolette McKenzie: I marched into every session determined to have a good time! And it’s not difficult to have a good time when you have a lovely character to voice.

Shaheen Khan: I remember getting the audition and having the weekend to learn the tune, sing it and tape. I remember really enjoying the joie de vivre of Lady Ladle. I was having so much fun that my family came down one-by-one intrigued to see what was making me be so jolly. It was when I had their attention that I honestly had a strong feeling that the part should be mine. For weeks we sang “Lady Ladle’s Circus Show” as a family!

What did you think of your character?

Shaheen Khan: I mean just her name - Lady Ladle - tells you she a warm, loving, fun-filled character. I loved belting out her song in the studio!

Nicolette McKenzie: She was a feisty, lovable old bat – Mother Goose was in bike leathers and had a motorbike – a wonderful image to have! I had to soften my voice so as not to be too scary!

Theo Solomon: Lenny was fun because not only because he was playful, he was a chameleon which is an interesting animal. Their ability to blend in with their background is almost magical and I hope to have brought that to life for the young audience.

What’s your favourite nursery rhyme?

Shaheen Khan: I love lots of nursery Rhymes - not only in English, but Urdu and Swahili!

Nicolette McKenzie: Hickory Dockery Dock or Baa Baa Black Sheep.

Theo Solomon: Definitely Baa Baa Black Sheep!

Make sure to listen to our animation voices in Dreamworks' Rhyme Time Town, which is available now on Netflix.

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