QUBE 2: Experienced Game Voice Over Tamaryn Payne Squares Away Another Big Game Role

QUBE 2 Character voiced by experienced game voice over artist Tamaryn Payne

Voicing a major role in a computer game is no mean feat – voicing two in a row is something special. Our Tamaryn Payne can certainly class herself as an experienced game voice over, having done exactly that!

And an experienced game voice over was what the makers of QUBE 2 needed for its main player character, Amelia Cross. Set in a puzzle-based alien landscape, she would be the character for whom the players experience the in-game world. Getting the right voice was essential, and - luckily - we had the perfect one standing by....

If you’re a gamer, chances are you’ve already heard Tamaryn’s voice. She recently acted, sang, and donned motion-capture gear for the major part of Lohse in BAFTA Game winning Divinity: Original Sin 2. After recording thousands of lines of dialogue for the role, Tamaryn was more than ready for the challenge when another big game came calling.

We’ve asked her to tell us a little more about playing Amelia and to look back on Lohse...

What can you tell us about your character?

My characters name is Millie and she is an archaeologist. Initially Millie was a little younger than she is in the game (30) but the writers changed her family circumstances. It was this that shifted her as a role into something juicier for me to play.

What do you like about Millie?

I like that she is intelligent and full of heart. I also like her job, it’s what I wanted to be when I was younger (before I discovered performing!)

How did you prepare for the job?

I didn’t see the script or indeed get to know the character/world beforehand - very normal in this genre of voice acting - so as usual my prep was more technical. A decent vocal warm up so there’s no croaks, and lots of water - boring but essential!

You're an experienced game voice over, taking on more and more big roles at the moment. What opportunities do you feel the game industry gives voice actors?

I have had some strong roles playing characters who are great in a fight, or very intelligent and sharp-witted.

I love the fantasy genre and every game I have done is set in the most incredible of landscapes and filled with all sorts of weird and wonderful characters. Immersing yourself in that sort of world is one very enjoyable aspect when you might be working on much more ‘real life’ situations in TV and film.

Here’s to the weird and wonderful!


QUBE 2 is available to buy now. You can see Tamaryn’s character Amelia in action in the trailer below.

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