Lithuanian Voices

Gediminas Adomaitis Lithuanian voiceover headshot

Gediminas Adomaitis

Lithuanian, Male, 30s-40s

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James Tratas Lithuanian voiceover headshot

James Tratas

Lithuanian, Male, 20s-40s

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Eva Believer Lithuanian female voiceover Headshot

Eva Believer

Lithuanian, Female, 30s-40s

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Greta Cepaite Lithuanian female voiceover Headshot

Greta Čepaitė

Lithuanian, Female, Studio, 20s-30s

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Egle Dargyte

Lithuanian, Female, Teens-30s

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Aiste Gramantaite Lithuanian voiceover headshot

Aiste Gramantaite

Lithuanian, Female, Studio, Teens-20s

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Dovile Kirvelaityte Lithuanian female voiceover Headshot

Dovile Kirvelaityte

Lithuanian, Female, 20s-40s

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