Cars 3: Driven to Win Trailer Voice Over

Cars 3 Driven to Win image from game trailer, illustrating trailer voice over done by Voice Squad artists

There aren’t many things about the British summer that can be relied upon. However, if the sun fails to shine and the rain ruins the BBQ, we can always depend on a Disney blockbuster to entertain the kids. On the 14th of July a brand new Cars 3 movie will have families racing to the cinema. The accompanying game, Cars 3: Driven to Win, will also be zooming off the shelves.  And what does a blockbuster game need most? A blockbuster game trailer voice over - which is what we do best!


Last month we were asked by our good friends at Banana Split to cast for yet another multi-language project. This time three of our artists, Erich Redman, Roberto Benfenati and Javier Fernandez were booked to record trailer voice overs in their respective languages: German, Italian and Spanish. We’re delighted to show you the results of their work.


Seeing the trailers alongside one another is a great opportunity to reflect on the importance of the artist’s voice and tone when creating a trailer voice over in another language. When we spoke to Roberto about the project he talked about the nuances of recording a translated script that appeals to an entirely different audience. He said, “When you localise, you must remember that it’s not only a matter of translation: you must sound convincing to minds that think differently. That’s why we decided to be a little more ‘up-tone’ compared to the original track.”


We hope that you enjoy these game trailer voice overs as much as we do. We’re sure that our artists will be the ‘torque’ of the town!


Check out the trailers here: