Vaughn Johseph, New, Male, American, Voiceover, Headshot

Vaughn Johseph

30s-40s. US. Confident, mid-to-deep African-American voice with a touch of gravitas. Home Studio

Vaughn Johseph is an American voice artist who studied broadcast journalism at Michigan State University before relocating to Los Angeles to train at The Improv Olympics West as well as The Actors Lab. He has voiced projects for BBC, Audible, Sony Playstation and has voice matched such actors as Samuel L Jackson, Forest Whittaker and rapper Snoop Dog. Having the advantage of improvisation training and a diverse upbringing, his improv and character skills are particularly strong.

Home Studio

  • Røde Procaster mic
  • RØDEcaster Pro mixing board
  • Logic Pro X software
  • Fully sound-treated room
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